How to Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Google Search Console

What is Sitemap?

The sitemap is a map which helps search engine like Google and Bing to index and optimize your Blog post. Submitting a sitemap is very important to tell the search engine preferred versions, getting better SERP and for faster indexing of your post automatically after post. Matt Cutts announces to create two sitemap for a website or blogspot. One for users and others for Search Engine. Here we tell you to create sitemap for Google search and also How to Submit sitemap to Search console and webmaster tools of Bing.
Submit a sitemap to Google Search Console (You may read a related article answer from Google Sites Help).
First you need to generate sitemap of your blogspot using blogger default sitemap generator. Blogger automatically create the sitemap for every blogspots at particular URLs. Its just need to optimize or include the recent blogger posts.

So Go Here to Generate the Sitemap first. If you have already a valid sitemap then read below post to submit sitemap.

There are two type of Sitemap in Blogger

  1. XML-Sitemap or Sitemap for Search Engine.
  2. HTML-Sitemap or Sitemap for Users. 

Submit Sitemap to Google

Following are the steps which help you submitting sitemap to Google...
Step 1
Go to Blogger Search Console.
Step 2
After Login to Search Console. Add a property and verified it using meta description methods. Ignore these steps, If you already added your site and verified it.
Step 3
Click on the Added Site to go the Search Console Site Dashboard
Step 4
Select Sitemaps in Crawl Section of Google webmaster Drop down in Left Side.
Step 5
On the Right Top point Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP. On clicking A window Pop up. Enter the generated URL without domain name and click Test button. See the test result and confirm the number of post.
Step 6
Again after completing test, Make Final Submit by Re-entering the URLs without domains of generated sitemap.
You are Done....
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