How To Remove Blogger Navbar

Blogger Navbar is the navigation tools generally in Blogger default template. These tools are considered to very useful for bloggers and users, but a thousand of people or blogspot users want to remove it. Here we tweet the 3 ways of removing blogger navbar and also "why to remove blogger Navbar".
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Why to remove blogger Navbar

Personally I do not recommend new blogger to remove blogger navbar, but they can remove it due to following reasons.
  • Not matched with the Blogger Template Design.
  • Getting feedback to removing navbar by users.
  • Lazy load of navbar or facing website speed problem.
  • Dual search in the sites.
  • A vote to other blogs, with a link of blogs in next-prev links.

How to Remove Blogger Navbar

It should be clear to every blogger that removing navbar is not illegal and also not violate blogger terms of service, because their is a option provided by blogger to turn it off.

Way #1: Method By Blogger (Legal Method)

Go to blogger dashboard navigate to Layout Tab. After the layout is loaded completely you find navbar  box usually in top. Click the edit option in right, after clicking a window pop up with option of "off'" in the bottom. Select the off button and save.
Now check your blog, no navbar is found.

Way #2: Method for Advance Blogger or Removing Navbar by Editing Template

Go to Blogger Dashboard, navigate to Template. Click edit. Choose Navbar from JUMP TO WIDGET drop down and remove the code between <b:section> to </b:section> completely. Save the template and you are done.

Way #3: Adding Custom Style Sheet (CSS) Code in Blogger Template

Go to Blogger dashboard and navigate to template editor. Click "Customise". Choose advance and then add CSS. Copy the below code and paste it to the CSS editor. Click Apply to Blog.
#navbar {
visibility: hidden;
height: 0em;
display: none;
 Tips: Do not remove navbar if you not passed the adsense yet.

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