How to Change Blogger Post Url or Use Custom Permalink

Changing blogger post URL is too easy, when you read our tutorial about custom permalink. This is an tutorial about using custom permalink as well changing blog post URL to seo friendly. Here we divided our posts in sub-heading. Blogger post URL is also known as Permalink(Permanent Link).

Change Blogger Post URL or Permalink

What is Permalink?

Permalink also called blogger posts permanent link. It is called permanent because once you use a permalink it can never be used twice. No tricks, tweaks and hacks are found yet which make re-use of permalink. So while customizing permalink you must be careful.
The special text in blogger post url which differentiate two posts, generally contains important keywords about the post is called permalink.
An example of automatic permalink vs custom permalink respectively. Permalink) Permalink)

How to Change Blogger Post URL

Each time you posts, blogger post publisher generate automatic blogger posts URL. If you wish to change it, follow the steps given below.
Step 1
Go to Post settingsLinks > Custom Permalink.
Step 2
Select Custom Permalink Radio Button.
Step 3
Change Blogger Post URL by editing existing one.

How to Edit Permalink in Blogger

Editing Permalink refer to changing blog post URL. So if you know to how to change post URL in blogger then you also know editing permalink in blogger posts.
The above image is showing how to use custom permalink instead of normal permalink. 

How to Write SEO Friendly Permalink(Blogger)

Use Permalink that must contain important keywords of your post. It is very important to put the most important keywords in permalink. Googlebot or Bingbot care about words used in permalink to understand the post content, So using keywords that match to yoor post get good serp.
It should be human readable. Human readble means that your posts permalink should be user frindly. Avoid the words that not a part of your posts, avoid special characters, avoid numbers. Better than the automatic permalink. Not too long Permalink. Not more than 40-50 words permalinks.

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