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Get hcv solutions pdf chapterwise for free, which is authentic and fast loading. Hcv solutions is divided into two part to make it less patchy.
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HCV Physics Part One #1 Solutions

The first section consists of 22 Chapters of Class 11, the student of medical, board and engineering exams are use our solutions whenever they face problems in solving questions. Here you get solutions of topics such N.L.M., Rotational, Optics, and C.O.M and below mentioned.
Chapter NameDownload
1 Introduction to Physic Download
2 Physics and Mathematics Download
3 Rest and motion Kinematics Download
4 The Forces Download
5 Newtons Laws of Motion Download
6 Friction Download
7 Circular Motion Download
8 Work and Energy Download
9 Centre of Mass Linear Momentum Collision Download
10 Rotational Mechanics Download
11 Gravitation Download
12 Simple Harmonic Motion Download
13 Fluid Mechanics Download
14 Some Mechanical Properties of Matter Download
15 Wave Motion and Waves on a String Download
16 Sound Waves Download
17 Light Waves Download
18 Geometrical Optics Download
19 Optical Instruments Download
20 Dispersion and Spectra Download
21 Speed of Light Download
22 Photometry Download

HCV Physics Part Two #2 Solutions

The second part and the most important part because these section is slightly considered more difficult that the first one. These part covers the 55 per cent of all the topics that likely to be asked in various competitive exams. Important topics(Ex-Electrostatics, Magnetics, and Modern Physics) are covered in these sections, these topics you study mainly in class 12. We here try to give brief and illustrated solutions to the student. Important things about the part two solutions is that, it contains highlighted solutions of most difficult questions. We also marked hcv wrong questions which has no solutions.
Chapter NameDownload
23 Heat and Temperature Download
24 Kinetic Theory of Gases Download
25 Calorimetry Download
26 Laws of Thermodynamics Download
27 Specific Heat Capacities of gases Download
28 Heat Transfer Download
29 Electric Field and Potential Download
30 Gauss's Law Download
31 Capacitor Download
32 Electric Current in Conductors Download
33 Electric Current Download
34 Magnetic FieldDownload
35 Magnetic Field Due to CurrentDownload
36 Permanent MagnetsDownload
37 Magnetic Properties of MatterDownload
38 Electromagnetic InductionDownload
39 Alternating CurrentDownload
40 Electromagnetic WavesDownload
41 Electric Current Through GasesDownload
42 Photo Electric EffectDownload
43 Bohr's Theory and Physics of AtomDownload
44 X-RaysDownload
45 Semiconductor and Semiconductor DevicesDownload
46 The NucleusDownload
47 The Special Theory of RelativityDownload

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