[PDF]HC Verma Solutions – Solution of Concept of Physics Part 1 and Part 2

Here you got white & clean printed solution of hcv or hc verma concept of physics part one and two in pdf format. Our pdf are free to download and contains no ads, no tags, just the solution in black arial text.


Click to chaptername to view online and click download corresponding to chaptername to download solution in pdf of the chapter.
Chapter NameDownload
1 Introduction to Physic Download
2 Physics and MathematicsDownload
3 Rest and motion KinematicsDownload
4 The ForcesDownload
5 Newtons Laws of MotionDownload
6 FrictionDownload
7 Circular MotionDownload
8 Work and EnergyDownload
9 Centre of Mass Linear Momentum CollisionDownload
10 Rotational MechanicsDownload
11 GravitationDownload
12 Simple Harmonic MotionDownload
13 Fluid MechanicsDownload
14 Some Mechanical Properties of MatterDownload
15 Wave Motion and Waves on a StringDownload
16 Sound WavesDownload
17 Light WavesDownload
18 Geometrical OpticsDownload
19 Optical InstrumentsDownload
20 Dispersion and SpectraDownload
21 Speed of LightDownload
22 PhotometryDownload
Chapter NameDownload
23 Heat and TemperatureDownload
24 Kinetic Theory of GasesDownload
25 CalorimetryDownload
26 Laws of ThermodynamicsDownload
27 Specific Heat Capacities of gasesDownload
28 Heat TransferDownload
29 Electric Field and PotentialDownload
30 Gauss's LawDownload
31 CapacitorDownload
32 Electric Current in ConductorsDownload
33 Electric CurrentDownload
34 Magnetic FieldDownload
35 Magnetic Field Due to CurrentDownload
36 Permanent MagnetsDownload
37 Magnetic Properties of MatterDownload
38 Electromagnetic InductionDownload
39 Alternating CurrentDownload
40 Electromagnetic WavesDownload
41 Electric Current Through GasesDownload
42 Photo Electric EffectDownload
43 Bohr's Theory and Physics of AtomDownload
44 X-RaysDownload
45 Semiconductor and Semiconductor DevicesDownload
46 The NucleusDownload
47 The Special Theory of RelativityDownload
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