How to Leverage Browser Caching in Blogger

Is it possible to set expiry of blogger content or simply leverage browser caching. Is it possible to increase cache time of plusone.js to more than 30 minutes. How do I Leverage Browser Caching without use of .htaccess. These are the questions of every blogger who care about the speed of their blog. I also in search of such questions, I made these query about 50 times and visited about 100 blogs. But I realize that it is nearly impossible to setting expiry to blogger. But one can set expiry in other websites easily using .htaccess.

Leverage Browser Cache Blogger.

Read the below featured article and meet the high quality post to Leverage Browser Caching for the following cacheable resources on blogger:
These below cacheable resources often indicated to blogspot domain by PageSpeed Insights(A tools by Google to check blog and its post-pages speeds and problem).
  • (30 minutes)
  • .png, .gif, .jpg and more to (24 hrs).

What is Leverage Browser Caching

Leverage Browser Caching is most valued factor that affect seo and page speed. It is expected that a web page who do not define Leverage Browser Caching of cacheable resources becomes most expensive and slow in round trip views. When a web page is rendered by a browser for first time, it set some cookies and store the most common content of web page, Example: Header, Footer, Sidebar and Images in Header, Social Media Share graphics and more. These are the examples which  website uses frequently in others pages. When some one used to visit the same blog again it loads without waiting, this is only due it.
It is simply a method to say browser to set cookies, and the cache of a web page for particular time to make a second visit faster and less expensive by saving the extra data. The only way to change the time for which a content to be cached is go through htaccess.

What is .HTACESS ? .htacces Support Discussion in Blogger

.htaccess is the admin panel of a website with many lucrative features Example : Setting expiry to header, images and more each time they load.

Blogger support .htaccess but the worst thing is that user of free version i.e. does not have a control or authority to access .htaccess. If you are abusing the Google then please not because it is impossible to get separate .htaccess control as many as number of  blogspot users, for single domain. One things is noted that the every blogspot blog is merely a sub domain of main domain i.e., and their is only one htaccess for a domain. 

How to Leverage Browser Caching in Blogspot

You must care that my current blog becomes the World Fastest Blogspot, Just after the three days of creation. My Pagespeed Insights Score is 99/100. I never able to increase the expiry time of cacheable sources in blogger. It is my open challenge to all the world to set leverage browser cache on blogspot with/without htaccess.
Its over that blogger can not access the htacess or root to modify the expiry time according to the parameters. Go for this article(about Leverage Browser Cache) by google developer for more info.
Finally, You understand that once your blogspot content is set to a particular expiry date, one can not modified it. But one can make limited use and skip triggered cacheable sources to get not affected by pagespeed insights due to it.
However, alternatively you use these steps to leverage browser caching in blogger
Step 1
Most of the resources contains Blogger Images. Go to Post which Contains Image and Re-size it to Original and update the post.
Step 2
Do for each and every Images or also for every triggered resources. After Changing the Images size to originals one.
Step 3
Check whether you use customization in displaying images in post, then remove it. Most common customization is removing border to image.

Re-Analyse your page you observes that your images is gradually cease to exist in the leverage browser section.

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